Monday, August 20, 2012

Traffic Ticket Legal Answers

Traffic Ticket SA Welcome Blog

This is the first installment of the Traffic Ticket San Antonio blog on Blogger.  The purpose of this blog is to provide answers to people just like you from bona fide San Antonio traffic ticket lawyers from  While we are always looking for ways to make our law firm more visible online, our objective is to be more visible in order to assist more individuals in securing sound representation when fighting a San Antonio traffic ticket.  We believe knowledge is power and that by simply educating those individuals who have received a San Antonio traffic ticket through our blog, we can help them make informed decisions about whether to hire a traffic ticket lawyer or fight their traffic ticket themselves. 

Traffic Ticket Topics

We will address legal topics such as:

  • speeding tickets
  • failure to stop tickets
  • why not to take Defensive Driving
  • how to fight commercial driver's license tickets
  • how to fight violations for driving without insurance
  • the process for lifting traffic ticket warrants
  • the difference between Deferred Disposition and Deferred Adjudication
  • why the San Antonio Municipal Court online ticket resolution can actually hurt you
  • ...and questions YOU ask.

Traffic Ticket Questions

We encourage you to post questions to our traffic ticket blog if you need answers.  Our firm has a number of experienced attorneys dedicated exclusively to traffic ticket defense.  We hope to bring you straight, simple answers to legal matters associated with local traffic tickets.  You can find more information about us at the Traffic Ticket SA Google+ Page.  

We sincerely hope to hear from you!

DISCLAIMER: While all our answers come from licensed traffic ticket attorneys, the legal advice on this blog is general and for informational purposes only.  This blog is not a solicitation or form of direct advertising.  No attorney-client relationship with us is formed until you have made direct contact with one of the traffic ticket lawyers in our law office and have paid for legal services.